December 2011 Movie Reviews

Ides of March (2011) | 3/10 | gud cast but they start loosing u when they dwell into discussions between themselves

50/50 (2011) | 7.5/10 | JGL gives u a diff charctr again, briliant immersive directing - bare d slump in mood n pace and ull be rewarded

The Perfect Host (2010) | 7/10 | gr8 acting, unusual mix of main leads, the american psycho neighbor with comedy - must watch.

Fright Night (2011) | 6.5/10 | the 80's remake - with disturbia mode and untrust worthy colin farrel makes it a fun time killer

The Debt (2011) | 6/10 | espionage thriller says it all - decent overlaps u can keep up with - bare d slow pace and get gud acting

In Time (2011) | 7/10 | the cars, the concept, the look and feel is totally worth, rest all is a ok, shades of equilibirum (2002)

Exam 2009 | 6/10 | mix saw with cube and 'the experiment' and u get exam - decent thriller - gud flow of story, fast pace.

Final Destination 2011 | 6/10 | gr8 bridge gfx, story feels like the original - a gud watch...some cheesy dialogues

Brooklyns Finest | 5/10 | poor mans departed, gud actor lineup n well placed storylines....just not executed well

Horrible Bosses | 7/10 | ah a worthy comedy after a long haul of slow boring pace, snappy, wow for the characters !

Hereafter | 7/10 | trademark clint eastwood direction, good clear cut stories....excellent pace, superb storytelling. | 3/10 | thank you for letting us know the lowest mark of the bollywood bellcurve

Rockstar | 6.5/10 | rom-com meets inception's back and forth playback minus the sci-fi + some dil se


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