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Hack a Sata harddrive to work in the Xbox 360 Slim

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on adding a sata harddrive to your poor 4gb storage xbox 360 s, why you ask ? coz microsoft own expansion drives are 3x the cost.

Things you need ::
1. Compatible harddrive - available on amazon
- WD Scorpio Series BEAS/BEVS WD600BEAS - 60GB WD800BEAS - 80GB WD1000BEAS - 100GB WD1200BEAS - 120GB WD1600BEAS - 160GB WD2000BEAS - 200GB WD2500BEAS - 250GB WD600BEVS - 60GB WD800BEVS - 80GB WD1000BEVS - 100GB WD1200BEVS - 120GB WD1600BEVS - 160GB WD2000BEVS - 200GB WD2500BEVS - 250GB
- WD Scorpio Blue Series BEVS/BEVT/BPVT/LPVT/LPVX/BPVX/LPCX WD3200BEVS - 320GB WD600BEVT - 60GB WD800BEVT - 80GB WD1200BEVT - 120GB WD1600BEVT - 160GB WD2000BEVT - 200GB WD2500BEVT - 250GB WD3200BEVT - 320GB WD4000BEVT - 400GB WD5000BEVT - 500GB WD6400BEVT - 640GB WD1600BPVT - 160GB WD2500BPVT - 250GB WD3200BPVT - 320GB WD5000BPVT - 500GB WD6400BPVT - 640GB WD7500BPVT - 750GB WD2500LPVT - 250GB WD3200LPVT - 320GB WD5000LPVT - 500GB WD5000LPVX - 500GB WD5000BPVX - 500GB WD5000L…

Best Android App for Downloading Torrents : Flud

We hope you are still not using a basic app for your torrent needs on your android device. By basic we mean uTorrent or Bittorrent.

Here is our recommendation  Flud - the Free and Super Torrent Downloader.

Lets start !
1. Extensive options :
Hitting the settings menu give you a plethora of things to do.

2. Queue management -  From the menu > Modify Queue

3. Per File Priority

4. Tracker Editing For those unfamiliar - trackers are the market place seeders come and advertise themselves - more/better the tracker - more the seeders - super speeds.
Here is a view of all trackers that came with the torrent, sometimes with magnet links - you don't get the complete list of trackers - you can go back and fetch them from the sites.

5. Per torrent Settings <