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Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver

Do you want to watch movies quietly at night without disturbing anyone? How about do that without any long cables? and how about using your old Bluetooth headphones ?
How about playing music on one side of the room and playing music on another, without any wires?
Have a mp3 player without Bluetooth? Want all of these things to play music wirelessly?
What if you want to transmit Bluetooth songs from your phone to an old speaker set with AUX In?
Not only do you want to transmit but also receive Bluetooth audio…..then here you go!!!
Sometime it becomes so crucial to get your own space while watching TV and not disturbing other with its sound. Although we have plenty of smart TVs available in market now a days but getting Bluetooth capable one becomes challenges or turns out to be a high cost deal.

Now a day you can find a big range of audio transmitter and receivers but knowing what you need is an important thing.
If you have a TV which does not allow Bluetooth connectivity and want to use yo…