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Squid Proxy on Ubuntu - speed up your internet

Now that you have introduced a Ubuntu box in your home environment, now lets make a proxy which does some acceleration via caching.
For your initial setup of the env - follow this....
Now go for saving your internet bandwidth (caching) and also acceleration

Installing and Configuring Squid Server Installing Squid server on Ubuntu/Debian machines is very easy, all what you have to do is, just run the following simple command in the terminal.
$ sudo apt-get install squid

The default configuration file for squid is located under ‘/etc/squid3/squid.conf‘ or ‘/etc/squid/squid.conf‘. This file contains some configuration directives that needs to be configured to affect the behavior of the Squid. Now open this file for editing using Vi editor and make changes as shown below.
$ sudo vi /etc/squid3/squid.conf
Now, you may search about the following lines and change them as requested, in the Vi editor, you ma…

Convert your spare netbook into a Ubuntu Video Streaming box

Have a spare pc ? Want to watch movies/tv over network ?
How I converted a spare netbook into ubuntu video streaming box

Ingredients :
1 android device 2 Apps - ES file Explorer [google playstore] + uTorrent 1 wifi + internet 1 sparingly used computer - laptop/netbook/notebook/desktop 1 smart TV [access to wifi and DLNA]
Netbook Configuration :: 500 gb storage + 2 gb ram
Initial Setup :: Secure wifi setupConnect your smart tv to wifi, make sure DLNA is availableInstall uTorrent on your android device - could be your tablet or phoneInstall ES File Explorer on your android device [link]The spare netbook is what I chose - due to its low power consumption - you can opt for a desktop or laptop etc.You have two choices of Operating Systems on your netbook - Windows or Ubuntu - I chose Ubuntu
Configuration on Ubuntu ::
Samba Server setup + read/write permissions to everyone [link]Mini-DLNA server setup with folders just created/shared via samba server …