Friday, May 24, 2013

Galaxy S3 Stuck At Boot – How To solve?

What’s one of the best things of having an Android phone? Well, not to mention anything related to how it works and the different apps and features you can get without having to pay ridiculous over pricing is that you can have a ROM or firmware that works better than the original stock one. For the iPhone and iPad those ROMs come from Apple and can typically only be updated when Apple issues updates. But for Android devices there are literally hundreds of developers working on custom ROMs for most common models of phones and tablets, which they are happy to share with the community. it is worth the hassle of installing a custom ROM, and if so, what is the best way to do it safely.
We will try to pick out  and share with you a couple of the very best custom ROMs doing the rounds. To install these, you’ll need to have rooted your phone first. Thankfully, we’ve got a guide for that too. We also have a guide for how to install ROMs on your phone, so be sure to familiarise yourself with it before going any further.
Android, and thanks to its open nature this stuff is becoming more reliable, and less risky. But fair warning, there still have some risk when your flash custom ROM or unofficial ROM into galaxy S3. There could be mistakes with the instructions, accidently flash or wipe data, Custom ROM (bugs) and more. This incident will cause your Galaxy S3 unable to boot into Android OS or Stuck at Boot.
Well, here is the tutorial on how to solve Galaxy S3 stuck at Boot issues:
1. Root and Install CWM into your Galaxy S3 Via Odin.
If you do not have Samsung’s KIES  installed, download and install it. Correct USB driversmust be installed, so that programs can communicate with the device. Reboot computer after KIES installation.
- Odin 3.04: Download Link
- Download Link. ( After download, please unzip  this file. and you will get (CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar)
Step 1: Turn your phones into download mode by  pressing and holding VolumeDown + Home + Power simultaneously. (what is S3 debugging mode? Click here for the answer)
Step 2:Start ODIN on PC.
Step 3:Connect the device to your computer using USB.
Step 4: Wait a few seconds, the ODIN screen will show that a device is now connected. If ODIN not detect your device, mean you still not install the s3 driver/ Samsung kies properly or still not enable the Download Mode. (How to check ?)
Step 6:Click the PDA button, then select CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar (Note: this is .tar file and not is .zip file!)
Step 7:Press Odin “Start” button. ODIN will start flash the firmware.
Step 8:The device should reboot into CWM Recovery after flash complete. (What is CWM Recovery ? )
Now continue to step below:
2. Wipe data, cache partition and Dalvik Cache.
Step 1:Now your Galaxy s3 boot into CWM Recovery .
Step 2:Select wipe data/factory reset  and then choose yes. (Press volume button for selection and power button to enter)
Step 3:Select wipe cache partition and the choose yes. (Press volume button for selection and power button to enter)
Step 4:Go to advanced and do Wipe Dalvik Cache and the choose yes. (Press volume button for selection and power button to enter).
Step 6:Now you need power off your S3, so unplug the battery and then plug in again the battery.
Now continue to step below:
3. Flash Official Galaxy s3 ROM via Odin
Step 2: After download the Official ROm, then you can start flash the downloaded ROM into Galaxy S3 via odin. You can refer tutorial  hereon how to flash Galaxy S3 Official ROm via Odin.
That’s All!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Android : How to Remove Picasa Albums From Your Gallery

If you’re anything like me, you get easily irritated by all the Picasa Albums that appear in your Gallery. Thanks to Google account sync, and to the fact that every image you post to Google+ somehow ends up creating its own album on Picasa, your Gallery looks like a never-ending string of albums that contain one or two images each thanks to Picasa.
If all you’d like when you open the Gallery is to see the photos that are actually stored on your device  — and the SD card if you’re using it — then follow this walkthrough to get rid of all the Picasa albums.
For a long time, I’ve used QuickPic to browse my photos on my phone because of its speed, editing options, and the fact that it didn’t show me all my Picasa albums. However, with Android becoming quite fast and efficient now, as well as integrating photo editing by default, I had less and less reasons to resort to QuickPic. The only thing holding me back from using the Gallery daily were the Picasa albums, but no more.
Gallery with locally stored albums but also Picasa albums
Gallery with locally stored albums but also Picasa albums

Step 1: Stop Picasa Web Album Sync

The first thing you’ll need to do is go into Settings on your device, look for the Accounts section and click on the Google account. Select your email address and deselect the “Sync Picasa Web albums” option.
Disable Picasa web album sync
Disable Picasa web album sync
Keep in mind that stopping the synchronization won’t affect Google+ Instant Upload for photos, and it won’t delete your Picasa images from the cloud. It will just stop these albums from sync’ing to your device and appearing in your Gallery.

Step 2: Clear Gallery Data

Now that Picasa has stopped sync’ing to your phone, new albums should not appear in the Gallery anymore. But the albums that have already been synchronized are already there. That’s why you need to clear the Gallery data.
Go to Settings, Applications Manager and swipe to the 3rd tab (All). Scroll down to Gallery and click it. There, you will be able to “Clear data”.
Click "Clear Data" to force the Gallery to refresh
Click “Clear Data” to force the Gallery to refresh

Step 3: Let the Gallery Refresh

At this point, you’re basically done. All you have to do is open the Gallery and wait for it to refresh and rebuild its thumbnails. If you don’t have a lot of photos stored on your device, this will be almost instantaneous, but you’ll need to wait a few seconds if you have a big collection of photos.
The Gallery is now clean and only shows local photo albums
The Gallery is now clean and only shows local photo albums
It’s quite an easy thing to setup, and the benefits are remarkable especially if your Gallery is littered with Picasa albums that make it harder and harder to find the photos that are stored locally on your phone.
What about you? Do your prefer to have your Picasa albums sync’ed and visible inside your Gallery, or do you access them from Google+ and prefer this method of keeping your Gallery tidy?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ChaosROMv8 [4 Cycle Turbo][JKay][Multi Theme][RE-FLASHABLE]

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The reason I start developing Chaos Rom is to join frameworks, mods, themes, apps, and more in one package to make users' life easier. This Rom includes:
4 Cyl Turbo Engine - 2 DPI - 2 frameworks - 3 In Call Screens - 4 kernels - 6 themes - 3 Calendar Theme - 4 Keyboard Theme - 6 Sound Packs - 6 fonts - 6 Bootanimations - 6 Icon Packs - 9 Battery Styles - Disable or Enable Navigation Bar and Transparency - and almost every app you want.
you can just re-install any of these options without the need to re-flash the entire ROM.
Hope you guys will enjoy this experience with Chaos World!
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Download - Changelog
How To
Credits - Rom Support

Based on latest Wanam Lite Rom supported by JKay:
Rooted, Dedoxed, Zipaligned, Bloat Removed, Free Ram, HD Voice (if network provider support it), Custom settings for call recording & Full HD Call Screen photo, Per App DPI activated by defaultLock apps in memory, Call button in contacts (csc), Exit button in the default browser (csc), No auto converting messages to MMS (csc), Unlimited contact to sms mms (csc), Exit Button in Stock Brwoser (csc), Enabled Sub Symbols in samsung Keyboard (csc), Extended speed Dial to 100 (csc), Double Tab to chose app, and more,,,,
Choose between Six Themes in AROMA:

S4 Theme

JB Domination Theme

Sense 5 Theme

HoneyComb Theme

Xperia Theme

MIUI 4 Theme
Choose between Four In Call Screens:

AOSP Style

Xpria Z Style

Full Screen HD

Choose between Two Frameworks in AROMA:
JKay 14.95: Check JKay thread for more info and support.
Chaos Framework (gharrington & Tamerlan Moded by me):
Multi Lockscreens (Ripple, Ink Effect, Circle, AOSP/Xperia)
Torch on lockscreen
Volume to skip songs
Long press Menu to kill apps
3 way Reboot
MultiWindow Control
Fix Auto brightness
Hide or show clock
Change clock color, Add AM/PM & Add week day
Set status bar color & Drop Down Notification Color
Choice of Clock Position in AROMA
Choice of Stock or 23 toggles in AROMA
lock and recent buttons in Drop Down Bar
Choose between Four Kernels:

Choose between Two DPI:
320 DPI & 240 DPI (Big thanks to bala-gamer)
Choose between multiple Applications
Nexus 4.2 apps:
MMS, Camera and Gallery, Browser, Clock, PlayMusic, Calendar, Calculator, Gmail, Keyboard.
Note II apps:
CameraSNotePaper artistKeyboardPop-Up Browser, SPlaner.
Xperia apps:
Launcher, Album, Walkman, Keyboard, Notes, Torch, Calculator, Movies, Widgets.
Sense 5 apps:
Sense 5 Launcher, Beats Music, Clock & Wither Widget (just a replacment)
MIUI 4 apps:
Launcher & Lockscreen, Music, FileExplorer, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Camera, Gallery
Misc apps:
PIE Control, CSC Enabler, Titanium Backup, Fast Dormancy, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Es File Explorer, Greenify, Flahplayer, Multiwindow Controll
Inverted apps:
MMS, Gmail, Playstore, Calendar, YouTube, PlayMusic, Google Now

  • Download

Mega - ChaosROM v8.1 - 19/MAY/2013
Google Drive - ChaosROM v8.1 - 19/MAY/2013 
Torrent - ChaosROM v8.1 - 19/MAY/2013 

MD5: b68552e973f4c02746e01b36ecb967dd

[XXUFMB3|XXEMC3][19Apr] Omega v44.4 ●►JB 4.2.1|4.1.2◄●Omega Files●►12 Themes◄●

Hello everyone and welcome to Omegas Thread for Samsung Galaxy SIII I9300
Omega v44.4 Jelly Bean 4.2.1
Based on beta firmware XXUFMB3 Android 4.2.1 (Date: 19/02/2013)
For Omega v44.4 read the 4rth post
Omega v43.3 Jelly Bean 4.1.2
Based on firmware XXEMC3 Android 4.1.2 (Date: 27/03/2013)
For Omega v43.3 read this post
Omega Settings:

Omega Files:
Omega Files Pro:

xda's support thread for suggestions and feedback!
Inside Omega v43.3:
Based on firmware XXEMC3 Android 4.1.2 (Date: 27/03/2013)
Kernel Stock XXEMC3
Modem XXEMB6
Multi 128 csc set to EUR
efs Backup (added the option to create efs backup during installation)
Omegadroid Walk Bootanimation by Jorq1H and anbech
Omegadroid wallpaper added in default wallpapers
Omega Files app
Omega Settings app
CWM Manager v3.60 by Chainfire (not fully compatible)
Busybox v1.20.2
init.d support without the need of a kernel that supports init.d
Aroma installer - Installation is fully customizable by user and there is options to install everything or remove all Bloatware - read here for more info
User can flash apps and bloat apps any time without the need to flash again the whole rom, (flashing the rom once is required)
Full Wipe option
Wipe cache partition automatic before roms installation
Wipe Dalvik Cache automatic during installation
Wipe preload partition automatic before roms installation
Google apps from Android 4.2:
Gmail v4.2
Camera and Gallery from Android 4.2
Keyboard Android with Gesture Typing from Android 4.2
Keyboard with Emoji Support from Android 4.2
Clock Application from Android 4.2
Omegas addon applications:
Es File Explorer (with great Root Explorer)
Hide It Pro
Download All Files
FastDormancy Toggle for I9300 by gokhanmoral
Flash player Support
OnlineNandroidBackup credits to H3R3T1C and ameer1234567890
CPU Adjuster v2.7.5 by bartito - xda thread
Boot sound
Charger Connection Sound
Shutdown Animation
IME switcher on notification area logo from Lock Screen
23 Toggle Buttons Mod - credits to lidroid and wanam
Reboot menu with Recovery and Download
Email with Exchange Security Disabled
Call Recorder
Phone with no increasing ringtone
Call Delay After call End Reduced to 0ms
All supported languages enabled
All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
V6 SuperCharger credits to zeppelinrox
Disabled advertisements - can be enabled again from Addfree app (included in Omega)
Faster GPS lock
Modded YouTube by rolle (can download videos)
Join more unlimited contacts in the contact app - Get this from Omega Files
Note II POPUP Browser by raubkatze
Battery % mod
Completely Silent Camera
TouchWiz with wallpaper scrolling
TouchWiz with Rotation
Hide sms from call logs
Multiwindow manager - (Can be uninstalled from Settings)
BlockingMode Icon Removed
Enable Call Button In Contacts - Get this from Omega Files
Camera will switch off at 0%
No sms to mms conversion
Unlimited contacts to sms - mms
Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts
Added exit menu to stock web browser
InkEffect at Lockscreen - credits to mythtrandyr
Skip music tracks with volume buttons long press
Lock Device button on status bar next to clock - Get this mod from jazzk"]here[/URL].
All rotations enabled
Samsungs Task Manager Shortcut app by indie
Media Scanner Fix - credits to shoman94
Fix the USB OTG Unmount Wakelock - credits to jazzk
build.prop tweaks
Stock Theme Changes:
Omega Theme for aroma installer by our artist anbech
Dithered Holo Background
Black status bar
Accuweather Widget transparent by raubkatze
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned
Omegas Exclusive mods:

Both Included in Omega, visit threads for support and suggestions! - by mythtrandyr

by gharrington
Omegas Official & Exclusive Themes::

Omegas Themes::
Omega Graphics:
FAQ for Omega Roms
Please read FAQ before posting your issue.
Download Center:

Omegas Download Center

[XXUFME3 V7.0][Aroma] WanamLite Fast | Clean & Rock Stable

Features :

 Based on latest Jelly bean update
 Deodexed & Rooted & Zipaligned
 Unlimited SMS recipient list
 23 Toggle buttons
 Repacked & Tweaked & Insecure stock kernel (tweaks will still works on other custom kernels)
 Automatic SMS encoding (Arabic and other utf-8 encoding support)
 Tweaked Pegasusq Governor for better Battery life
 Disabled scrolling cache
 Removed some bloatware (available on Aroma installer)
 Large APN list
 No incremental ringtone Enabled Call recording
 4 Way reboot (Recovery,Download...) Clean build.prop for best Market compatibility
 Stock Keyboard with all supported languages enabled
 Kies support
 Hacked Stock Email App
 Latest CWM Recovery update
 Latest SuperSu update
 Enabled all supported languages Multi CSC (+126)
 Fixed brightness (same as Galaxy S2 values as Aroma option)
 More Free Ram
 Skip music tracks with volume buttons long press
 Auto wipe cache & dalvik-cache before flashing More to come...

Download & Changes log:

Old build:

WanamLite ZSDLK2 V4.4(Android 4.1.1)

How to install 

Installation steps :

 Copy my Rom to internal sdcard
 Install a CWM recovery, get it here(Only if you don't have it)
 Backup, backup, backup
 Flash my Rom from recovery
 Reboot & enjoy

Some simple tips to get the best of your battery life :
 Disable auto sync for accounts
 Disable GPS (and wifi gps)
 Disable auto backup of Gmail account
 Set wifi sleep policy to "Never"
 Set brightness level to automatic
 Disable motion
 Check your apps settings and disable useless background sync
 Disable useless animations