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Customizing the Launcher 7 Shell

to look like this -

once you install Launcher 7 you will be invited with blank main tile space. go to the right hand apps - hold and 'pin to home screen'
or for special tiles like the Contact Tile, bring options up - 'Add special tile'
Initially Launcher 7 looks very crude and bloated and not smooth. to tweak that - go into 'Launcher7 settings'
on the main setting screen Enable smaller tiles Use system font
then > Animation Options : Animate while scrolling Bouncy scrolling Alternate tile alignment
Status bar options : Use WP7 style status bar Transparent status bar Battery percentage

To get Live Wallpaper / Custom Background- change 'background color' to 'System Wallpaper' then 'Change wallpaper' to the pic or live wallpaper you want.
Modify transparency  in 'Tile Color' > Custom Color > drag for your transparency choice and apply.
You are now done ! enjoy !

Best Android Launchers '2012 Edition'

Launcher 7

SPB Shell 3D

Slide Screen

Over The Air update for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100g fails

Settings > about phone > software update > update

Failed to update firmware. Try again using PC software (Kies) or visit a Samsung service center. 

Need to test the Kies method

How to connect your Android phone to Corp Wifi

Depending on your Android device you may get web access via Wifi if you can set your Proxy configuration (see at the end). The following steps will enable Exchange sync and other services that do not require proxy access. Adding PROXY server 1.Under Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-fi settings, from the menu, choose Advanced 2.Set the Proxy to: 3.Set the Port to: 80 4.If you do not see proxy settings in the menu, try the voice dialer and say "Proxy settings". This should be all that's needed to connect to WIFI. (deprecated certificate installation steps) 1.Open certmgr.msc on your corpnet PC. 2.Navigate to Current User -> Personal -> Certificates 3.Click Action -> All Tasks -> Request New Certificate 4.Click Next. 5.Use the default “Active Directory Enrollment Policy” and click Next. 6.Select Authenticated Session_R2 7.Click Details on the right side of this selection. 8.Click the Properties button 9.Go to the Private Key tab 10.Expand the …

XXLPJ - Samsung Galaxy S2 - SII - Ice Cream Sandwich - 4.0.3

Here we go.. Yep Samsung Started the Rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich Update...
Also there is an another leak version of ICS.
XXLPJ - I have not tested this one.... Will update once I have tested..
Wait for one more Day guys..