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Mango Sync issues : Update to Zune 4.8 Beta Release

Once your phone is up to Mango, existing Zune installation 4.7 will prompt for an update and throw the error "Can't find the media for installation package 'Zune WMDU Component'. It might be incomplete or corrupt" as above. This is expected.

Install Zune 4.8 Beta Release, this will install over your existing Zune 4.7 and you will sync just fine with your phone.

Download ZuneBeta [253mb split into 3 files]

post installation 

Enable Facebook Chat on Windows Phone 7 : Mango

Open up your Live account on and go to Profile (top right)

Connect to Services - select Facebook and allow authorization.

Ensure that "Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger" is switched on, you will need to then authorize this via Facebook connect.

Then sync your live email accounts and Facebook chat should be enabled automatically.

Install Windows Phone 7 Mango : Beta

Steps to Upgrade your Windows Phone 7 from NoDo to Mango Beta

Note : You will waver from the main upgrade path and will have to come back to NODO to get official Mango update. Happy Beta testing !

Pre-req : Windows Phone with NoDo, Zune installed on the PC and un-interrupted internet download and connectivity for the phone during the upgrade process.

1. Download the self-extracting archive .exe file here [contains both Windows Phone Support Tools  + the batch files required for installation] *(some browsers dont recognize the extension - save it as an .exe)

2. Connect Phone

3. Close Zune

4. Install Windows Phone Support Tools depending on your process type.

5. Run Update.bat

6. The batch file will backup your phone, install the updates, and copy your backup to C:\PreMangoState [30 mins minimum]

7. Zune should open and prompt for an update. Follow instructions from there.

8. After installing the first update [which would take 15-20 mins], Zune will update again to 7661 [30 mins minimum…