Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 2011 Movie Review

Source Code | 6.5/10

welcome to the Quantum Leap movie....yes back in 1990's Quantum Leap was theeee sci-fi series to watch....Scott Bakula used to jumpinside somebody else every week - have partial amnesia and try to resolve the issue, solve the crime - yadda yadda...btw Scott gives his voice as Jake's dad...nice...not a coincidence my what can 'Prince Dastan' from Prince of Persia a.k.a 'Donnie Darko' do - can they revisit time ? - hmm been there done that - ya in both those movies...well lets do it again....with a little bit more scifi....and eye candy in Michelle Monaghan....she is the most stable characters - Jake swings from mission to romance one too many times and there is no logic behind it either....couple of elements dont make sense - but yes its fiction so lets there be zero-g for your brain and let it float..for most this will be easy to gulp down - with 'the matrix within the matrix' back in 2000 and 'dream within a dream' - inception does its thriller duties and decent acting, camera work is decent....its hard to direct a movie - with a concept that would appeal these days and we get a different perspective into it....a dialogue that will ring in your head for some time ........"i took your advice, it was very good advice"...go watch it !

March 2011 Movie Review

Sanctum | 6/10

other than some cheeky dialogue and predictable characters and story...the movie gives you a unique visual of deep cave expeditions. the father son relationship development is done well within the limits of disastrous times. They could have done away with some people 'esp the couple' and shorten the movie. If you liked 'the abyss' and 'descent' this one is for you.