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Windows Phone Device Manager for WP7 - BETA

Download Instructions:
Download Windows Phone Device Manager and launch WPDeviceManager.exe
Plug in your phone, it should detect it automatically, if not click Connect in menu
The first time you connect your phone Windows Phone Device Manager will automatically install TouchXperience

Unlocked/registered Windows Phone 7.5 device
Windows Vista or Windows 7 32/64-bit
.NET Framework 4.0
Zune software 4.8 or later
Zune WMDU (optional)
Windows Phone SDK 7.1 or later

It should work on any version of WP7 and currently supports the following devices:
HTC HD7, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Surround, HTC 7 Pro, HTC Arrive, HTC HD2, HTC TITAN, HTC Radar, Samsung Focus, Samsung Focus S, Samsung Omnia 7, Dell Venue Pro, LG Optimus 7, LG E900, LG C900, Nokia Lumia 800.

Themes for Windows Phone


The first release of the Themes for Windows Phone application. This early release comes with all the goodies we've demoed, and without further ado, here's the juicy bits:
Customize any tile (system or third party, including Marketplace) Use your image as a background for the tiles Use an accent color for overlay transparency Import themes Export themes A bundle of joy with easy personalization ;)

Requirements: A developer unlocked device (no interop needed) Mango

Instructions: Download the file, run ThemeConfig, and start customizing!
Import the XAP files from the themes folder, and then hit deploy with the phone connected and Zune turned on.

One theme can be deployed at a time as the actions for each icon set matches a particular guid, so for now unfortunately you cannot have a mix of different themes - part icons this and part icons that.

You can customize the tiles - by using .ico files from windows ! :)

watch the following video before continuing, as it wil…

Mango Battery Status

Mango Battery Status (v4.1) - for all unlocked phones, in 20 languages
It shows the percentage on both sides of the tile and a matching icon on the front. You can log the battery data (percent or voltage), show the data on a graph and create a report.
The app also lets you view the current processes and memory usage and you can open the battery saver. 
Working for all (Chevron/Developer) unlocked phones.

Multiple Xap Installer

This application allows you to select multiple XAP files and deploy these to your phone or emulator.
Download| Mirror
Added to v1.1
- Xap Signing, required for xap's downloaded from Marketplace. Enable this for use with custom marketplace clients or when receiving error code 0x8103010B. Note this option is off by default! enable it in the settings form.
- Aero theming
- Improved threading

- Windows Phone 7 SDK
- .NET 4.0 Framework
- Unlocked device

Nokia Apps - Drive Maps Music

Nokia Drive

WP7 Screen recorder

Application features
* Full-screen mode "F11" * Presentation-mode background color chooser. (Useful in F11 mode) * Great features on UI * Chose what IP port WP7<>Server talk over * See frames count' received * Start/Stop server at any time to continue later -button * More than 2.3 (old) 4 fps (stable fps)! Yay.

How to change primary LiveID email without resetting WP7

On the desktop:
1) Go to and sign in with your old account;
2) Change your LiveID email (use existing email or get new one from;
3) Save your changes and re-login with new ID.

WP7 Registry Editor + Registry tweak

Registry Editor app for HTC devices
AdvancedConfig beta.rar + rgu-2-xml.rar RegistryEditor XAP


Registry editors doesn't see all keys mentioned here (security restriction)!

The purpose of this thread is to collate all WP7 interesting Registry Entries &
Tweaks we found and have them in the first page to don't having to search in many pages.

[after Deepshining Windows Phone 7]

Majority of this registry tweak work on all WP7 Device.

Enable instant resuming (JaxBot' Dehydrate hack) Code: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\TaskHost] "DehydrateOnPause"=dword:0

Access OEM Marketplaces

Your manufacturer allows your their own limited very own brewed apps, why not access the others too :)
requirement >
1. Download the XAP files for the OEM's >

TouchXplorer File Explorer for Windows Phone 7

TouchXplorer Download| Mirror
This is a first public beta of TouchXplorer for Windows Phone 7, please report any bug you may encounter.

Be careful using TouchXplorer, you have a full access to the file system, so deleting or modifying some files may result in unstable or unusable system.

Fun Stuff Post Deepshining

deploying Homebrew Applications and XAP Files after you have install the Deepshining ROM
Install Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools [small installer 3mb - big package approx 400mb]
Plugin your phone run Application Deployment  now check your application list ! nice..

Deepshining Windows Phone 7 [HTC Mozart T8698]

MANGO ROM FULL UNLOCKED WITH INTERNET SHARING Developer Interop unlock + Max number unsigned apps + prevent relocking 21 Languages + 12 Themes + 18 Accents Please make sure to read the INSTRUCTIONS

Deepshining v 2.0 Based on Mozart_S_HTC_5.10.411.01_5.69.09_RELEASE . FULL-UNLOCK - Homebrew apps working (TouchXplorer, Advanced Config, Registry Edit, etc...) . Internet Sharing (Tethering) . Now with 18 Accents including Black Nokia and Jill Sander´s. . Fix email reply bug when using the black accent color . Portuguese Brazil language . IE9 - Google translator and Mobile View added to IE9 Settings . DeepShining Theme . More SMS and Email Alerts . Transparent Wallpapers . Fix Camera menu bugs . Retouch Start bootlogo . Add Google to default Search Provider list - Now you can choose between Google or Bing as default search engine . VS2010 debuger now working  . Full support for Chinnese, Korean and Japanese Languages . Fixed some issues with severall languages (files missing) . Some registr…

Transparent Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers

save the png files and send it to your phone via email - set as wallpaper ! Zune does not sync it.

fruits robots and goliaths

The below mentioned opinion is my own and are not directly related or sponsoring any brand, these are just to influence your buying decision making will :)
time to round up the top three companies ruling the cellphone OS thrones.
iphone - stands for quality and high price = high esteems product - the rolce royce

android  - stands for dynamic and non-stand variety = the customizable honda's
windows phone - stand for mutli-colgarnamate multi-national company putting on a new fight = the ford's
the nitty gritty details looks like this >

stylish costly geek unfriendly app for everything add-on hardware due to standardization iOS is not given to other manufacturers apple tax premium phone bracket

Mango Sync issues : Update to Zune 4.8 Beta Release

Once your phone is up to Mango, existing Zune installation 4.7 will prompt for an update and throw the error "Can't find the media for installation package 'Zune WMDU Component'. It might be incomplete or corrupt" as above. This is expected.

Install Zune 4.8 Beta Release, this will install over your existing Zune 4.7 and you will sync just fine with your phone.

Download ZuneBeta [253mb split into 3 files]

post installation 

Enable Facebook Chat on Windows Phone 7 : Mango

Open up your Live account on and go to Profile (top right)

Connect to Services - select Facebook and allow authorization.

Ensure that "Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger" is switched on, you will need to then authorize this via Facebook connect.

Then sync your live email accounts and Facebook chat should be enabled automatically.

Install Windows Phone 7 Mango : Beta

Steps to Upgrade your Windows Phone 7 from NoDo to Mango Beta

Note : You will waver from the main upgrade path and will have to come back to NODO to get official Mango update. Happy Beta testing !

Pre-req : Windows Phone with NoDo, Zune installed on the PC and un-interrupted internet download and connectivity for the phone during the upgrade process.

1. Download the self-extracting archive .exe file here [contains both Windows Phone Support Tools  + the batch files required for installation] *(some browsers dont recognize the extension - save it as an .exe)

2. Connect Phone

3. Close Zune

4. Install Windows Phone Support Tools depending on your process type.

5. Run Update.bat

6. The batch file will backup your phone, install the updates, and copy your backup to C:\PreMangoState [30 mins minimum]

7. Zune should open and prompt for an update. Follow instructions from there.

8. After installing the first update [which would take 15-20 mins], Zune will update again to 7661 [30 mins minimum…

RHEL WS 3 - Complete Installation


Fedora Core 4 - Complete Installation


Ubuntu Linux - Complete Installation


TechSmith Screen Capture Codec

codec required for playing the movies captured
Install this decoder and play the video with your normal media player. Size : 170 kb ________________d_o_w_n_l_o_a_d_________________ [http] - or - [torrent]

Windows Phone 7 - Mango Update

April 2011 Movie Review

Image Source Code | 6.5/10
welcome to the Quantum Leap movie....yes back in 1990's Quantum Leap was theeee sci-fi series to watch....Scott Bakula used to jumpinside somebody else every week - have partial amnesia and try to resolve the issue, solve the crime - yadda yadda...btw Scott gives his voice as Jake's dad...nice...not a coincidence my what can 'Prince Dastan' from Prince of Persia a.k.a 'Donnie Darko' do - can they revisit time ? - hmm been there done that - ya in both those movies...well lets do it again....with a little bit more scifi....and eye candy in Michelle Monaghan....she is the most stable characters - Jake swings from mission to romance one too many times and there is no logic behind it either....couple of elements dont make sense - but yes its fiction so lets there be zero-g for your brain and let it float..for most this will be easy to gulp down - with 'the matrix within the matrix' back in …

March 2011 Movie Review

Image Sanctum | 6/10
other than some cheeky dialogue and predictable characters and story...the movie gives you a unique visual of deep cave expeditions. the father son relationship development is done well within the limits of disastrous times. They could have done away with some people 'esp the couple' and shorten the movie. If you liked 'the abyss' and 'descent' this one is for you.

Social and Misc Must Have Apps on your Windows Phone 7

Facebook                    Youtube

10 must have Apps on your Windows Phone 7

1. Endomondo

  Track running or cycling workout data, map your route, and share results on Facebook and Twitter.
Get the app

The must have 'Popcorn Movie' List

the movies that you can pop-in start watching anytime, no-brainer, eye candy...

Air Force One 1997

Stop Motion Intricate Art Designing [HD]


Euro Travelling Timelapse [HD]


Ingredients in making of Windows Phone 7

Intergration is the keyword here - taking all the good things Microsoft has in its pocket and put it all together is no simple feat>

Windows Phone 6.5  the honeycomb upgrade from 6.1 was humble and it had reached its peak - the tiny icons and stylus requirements were getting phased out..capacitative touch screens are the 'in' thing.
+ SilverLight

WinPhone7 - Save more than one number for texting

In Windows Phone 7 for now [7.0.7004.0] you can text only mobile number.
if you have and existing contacts with extra mobile numbers - they are are stored as home > you just cannot send a text to home number. :(

Here is the workaround >

How to use the Windows Phone 7 as a USB drive

Learn how to tweak your registry so that your computer recognizes the Windows Phone 7 as a removable USB drive. You'll only have access to the Music, Pictures and Videos folders, but those are the most important folders anyway when it comes to moving big files.

1. Open Windows Registry Editor by typing regedit in your start menu
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\U SB
3. Perform a search for ZuneDriver
1. The search should yield a result similar to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\U SB\VID_045E&PID_04EC&MI_00\6&27ffd631&0&0000\Devic e Parameters\WUDF
4. Click up one level to the Device Parameters key
5. Change ShowInShell from 0 to 1
6. Change PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell from 1 to 0
7. Change EnableLegacySupport from 0 to 1
8. Change EnableDefaultAutoPlaySupport from 0 to 1

That's it! You can now plug your Windows Phone 7 into your Windows PC using the supplied USB cable and it will be recognize…

Get HD-Trailers on your Windows Phone 7 / Zune

Like to watch trailers and want to get them on your phone or zune ?

WinPhone7 - Import Sim Contacts

Want to copy over your sim contacts - but cants figure out the option ?

WinPhone7 - Change Pictures Hub Background

Change Background of Pictures Hub on Windows Phone 7
On Start screen tap “Pictures”
Then Tap and Hold on blank space on background of Pictures hub, a menu with two options will display, so choose that according to your requirement.

Windows Phone 7 - MarketPlace India

Marketplace is not available in Zune if you login with a Live ID registered with India as your country.
This means no App,Games, Music or Videos and podcasts which is rarely used.

Performance Tuning your Android

A. Faster Image/Gallery Loading

pop-in the sd-card onto the pc/connect to PC - browse the SDcard to the DCIM folder and move off all the images to the machine...go through other folders - search and destroy.