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Swiss Vantage


Sunset in the Land of BMW's & Merc's

not an hdr, no exposure fusion - just plain vanilla camera shot + logo :)
Hi-Res : - HDR

Exposure Fusion : Embers


Time Flies Off

d5000 > photomatix > picasa > mspaint > = Time Flies Off Download : Hi-Res

Next 10 'Must Haves' on your Android

1. AppBrain

Still installing applications from Android Market ? See something on the internet - then search it on your droid and install - slow procedure isnt it - especially with those tricky names and QR Code >

How to make a HDR

quoting wiki "High-dynamic-range photographs are generally achieved by capturing multiple standard photographs, often using exposure bracketing, and then merging them into an HDR image."

Take shots at different exposure bracketing, tripod recommended as the shots have to match in the output- if not the software takes care of realignment.

Samsung Galaxy 3 - GPS Fix

Samsung Galaxy 3 / 5 > I5800 series has many trouble with gps fix. To solve this just change NTP server in gps.conf located in system/etc. The simple way to do this is using FasterFix that you can download here:

Attention Root is required!

Rooting 'Samsung Galaxy 3' I5801 + Live Wallpapers

in a oneliner = Rooting is the process by which you regain administrative access to your phone. It opens up otherwise impossible options to your phone.

To Root or not to Root >
Does your kinda-new Android handset already feel old, slow, and left behind? With a quick hack and a custom ROM, your Android phone can look and feel fresher and, most importantly, run a bit quicker.

Are you generally averse to messing with a device that delivers sometimes-important phone calls? Let us argue that the process is easy and the rewards are great - a few unique and new features from the hacker community, and—oh, yeah, did I mention the speed and stability?