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Android and GPRS [with vodafone, India]

just Websurfing [gtalk or weather or google maps etc- applications wont work>
note:- unlimited internet download/upload.
call 111 and follow the automated system to enable Vodafone Live

Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > New APN

Inception : Not bad, but definitely not genius

Inception is one of those movies that "engaged" film-goers will mistake for genius. Let me explain my theory on people and movies. There are three types of movie-watchers: passive, engaged, and intelligently engaged. Passive people will watch Die Another Day and like it just as much as the Bourne Identity. They don't go to the movies to think, they go to be entertained by cool effects and witty one-liners. Engaged people think they know what they're talking about, and generally love movies that are edgy in plot and execution but conventional enough to understand, like Fight Club and the subject of this review. They believe themselves to be refined in cinema, but ,in reality, just don't quite have the intellect, cinematically speaking, to pull it off. Intelligently engaged people will appreciate the complexity of Inception, but also recognize it's a little sloppy, self-serious, over drawn, and empty. They recognize its audacity, but don't pret…

HDR album

HDR - High Dynamic Range Imaging - HDRI or just HDR is a method of merging multiple shots taken in three or more different exposures or stops.

more info -

Photos on social networks...the phases

if you have an account = your photo is gonna be there.
1. no pic = i'm not shy, why put a pic here.
2. car / bike / hero - im macho
3. single portrait pic with shades - i'm uber cool
4. me and her - GF / fiance / wifey - hey u all - look !
5. me only - yey only me, im married have kids - go see my wife's profile - u'll see the kids pics...

have an account => pic - i'm shy, i'm new to this...
2. butterfly / flower / cartoon - im still shy, i like sweet cute things
3. celeb picture - im a fan of him / her...i may or may not look like them.
4. blurry / photoshopped half face pic - im coming out of my cocoon.
5. 2 or at time 3 people in the photo - hey either one can be me - if ur my friend you know me, stranger- keep guessing.
6. 2 - she and her - BF. Fiance or Husband - im not scared to show myself - i have a bodyguard.
7. clear simple picture - hey im not shy anymore, im either engaged or married - or just a plain daredevil.
8. 2 - she …

Top 10 must have Android Apps

SMS Replier

Are your driving and got a text message - Battery low and don't want to turn on the screen to waste those precious ounces of voltage ? This app will auto reply to the sender with the message you set. Like "hey im being chased by an elephant and gotta run, call you when I get to a safe zone"