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the declining learning curve

the kids are tormented with so much education they hate it, day in and day out schooling - so much information

those kids just wait for school/college to get over so that they don't have to learn anymore.

Once you are set into ride called adult roller coaster you practically stop learning new stuff and get bombarded with daily non-sense - you might learn something once in a while.

the curve at which the brain is used from beginning to end is dependent on the paths you choose and paths you are put into (or pushed into). Because we don't get to learn new stuff we get bored to death. The so called 'you use 2% of your brain' becomes 'i just use my brain to know what i do everyday in the most efficiently lazy way'

hide behind those shades

first you want to be famous make it big > you are the average joe

second you want to go from star to superstar > you do all the flashy stuff to make your photos stick on every building and gully there is

3rd you like the fame but oh my the paparazzi is not leaving you alone

4th you buy new DocleGabana 6inch by 6 inch glasses to hide your face

5th oh you wish you could just enter the grocery store like an average joe and buy 1 litre milk - the only way to do this is to unglamourize yourself