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Samsung Galaxy 3 - Froyo

How to Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy 3 to Froyo (Android 2.2)
Gingerbread is around the corner and most of us are stuck with Eclair on our devices, feeling left out ? Samsung Kies says your phone does not have any new firmware. :( Waited too long and sincerely for Samsung to release the Froyo update ? Here you go.
3 words for you before you get excited and start doing the steps below - backup your phone or remember how you set the settings, get yourself some appbrain + titanium backup.
Possible things to consider - warranty void, loss of IMEI, change in MAC address, and the must not say word 'bricking'

Mumbai Night Timelapse


The must watch 'TV Series' before you die

Scrubs The true therapy you would need in this fast moving hustle bustle of a crazy life. True on screen chemistry not only between the leads but all - amazing sense of humor, comic timing and unique jokes. Fun apart it also has the main lead Dr. John Dorian [JD] learning lesson as he grows in this Sacred Heart Hospital. The scenes where the characters go into an day-dream - are hands down hilarious. The right mix characters makes this fun to watch. If you have 25 minutes to kill and want to have a good hearty laugh while you are at it and maybe just learn a lesson while you are at it- just watch any random episode of Scrubs.

D Next 10 Must have apps on your Android

hit the icons of the apps - to go to the applications Appbrain page and install them on to your droid !
1. SMS Backup got lots of kewl sms's that you would like to fwd your friends, but dont want to send them right away ? and dont want to keep them on your android either ? why not backup them up to your ginormous gmail account. this one does the trick and also applies a label to backed-up sms's.

10 Nifty Widgets to have on your android

hit the icons of the apps - to go to the applications Appbrain page and install them on to your droid !

1.Sense Analog Clock Widget 4x2
 nice large time display, weather info, system info, alarm info....all tucked in a nice widget.

Swiss Vantage


Sunset in the Land of BMW's & Merc's

not an hdr, no exposure fusion - just plain vanilla camera shot + logo :)
Hi-Res : - HDR

Exposure Fusion : Embers


Time Flies Off

d5000 > photomatix > picasa > mspaint > = Time Flies Off Download : Hi-Res

Next 10 'Must Haves' on your Android

1. AppBrain

Still installing applications from Android Market ? See something on the internet - then search it on your droid and install - slow procedure isnt it - especially with those tricky names and QR Code >

How to make a HDR

quoting wiki "High-dynamic-range photographs are generally achieved by capturing multiple standard photographs, often using exposure bracketing, and then merging them into an HDR image."

Take shots at different exposure bracketing, tripod recommended as the shots have to match in the output- if not the software takes care of realignment.

Samsung Galaxy 3 - GPS Fix

Samsung Galaxy 3 / 5 > I5800 series has many trouble with gps fix. To solve this just change NTP server in gps.conf located in system/etc. The simple way to do this is using FasterFix that you can download here:

Attention Root is required!

Rooting 'Samsung Galaxy 3' I5801 + Live Wallpapers

in a oneliner = Rooting is the process by which you regain administrative access to your phone. It opens up otherwise impossible options to your phone.

To Root or not to Root >
Does your kinda-new Android handset already feel old, slow, and left behind? With a quick hack and a custom ROM, your Android phone can look and feel fresher and, most importantly, run a bit quicker.

Are you generally averse to messing with a device that delivers sometimes-important phone calls? Let us argue that the process is easy and the rewards are great - a few unique and new features from the hacker community, and—oh, yeah, did I mention the speed and stability?

Android and GPRS [with vodafone, India]

just Websurfing [gtalk or weather or google maps etc- applications wont work>
note:- unlimited internet download/upload.
call 111 and follow the automated system to enable Vodafone Live

Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > New APN

Inception : Not bad, but definitely not genius

Inception is one of those movies that "engaged" film-goers will mistake for genius. Let me explain my theory on people and movies. There are three types of movie-watchers: passive, engaged, and intelligently engaged. Passive people will watch Die Another Day and like it just as much as the Bourne Identity. They don't go to the movies to think, they go to be entertained by cool effects and witty one-liners. Engaged people think they know what they're talking about, and generally love movies that are edgy in plot and execution but conventional enough to understand, like Fight Club and the subject of this review. They believe themselves to be refined in cinema, but ,in reality, just don't quite have the intellect, cinematically speaking, to pull it off. Intelligently engaged people will appreciate the complexity of Inception, but also recognize it's a little sloppy, self-serious, over drawn, and empty. They recognize its audacity, but don't pret…

HDR album

HDR - High Dynamic Range Imaging - HDRI or just HDR is a method of merging multiple shots taken in three or more different exposures or stops.

more info -

Photos on social networks...the phases

if you have an account = your photo is gonna be there.
1. no pic = i'm not shy, why put a pic here.
2. car / bike / hero - im macho
3. single portrait pic with shades - i'm uber cool
4. me and her - GF / fiance / wifey - hey u all - look !
5. me only - yey only me, im married have kids - go see my wife's profile - u'll see the kids pics...

have an account => pic - i'm shy, i'm new to this...
2. butterfly / flower / cartoon - im still shy, i like sweet cute things
3. celeb picture - im a fan of him / her...i may or may not look like them.
4. blurry / photoshopped half face pic - im coming out of my cocoon.
5. 2 or at time 3 people in the photo - hey either one can be me - if ur my friend you know me, stranger- keep guessing.
6. 2 - she and her - BF. Fiance or Husband - im not scared to show myself - i have a bodyguard.
7. clear simple picture - hey im not shy anymore, im either engaged or married - or just a plain daredevil.
8. 2 - she …

Top 10 must have Android Apps

SMS Replier

Are your driving and got a text message - Battery low and don't want to turn on the screen to waste those precious ounces of voltage ? This app will auto reply to the sender with the message you set. Like "hey im being chased by an elephant and gotta run, call you when I get to a safe zone"

the great social networking scam

the origin of behavioral test subjects \\
a group of scientist once played with a maze and places lab-rats into them and stood in their lab coats and notepads and noted the behaviors of these test subjects- saw how one lead the way and the other followed to the exit.

the declining learning curve

the kids are tormented with so much education they hate it, day in and day out schooling - so much information

those kids just wait for school/college to get over so that they don't have to learn anymore.

Once you are set into ride called adult roller coaster you practically stop learning new stuff and get bombarded with daily non-sense - you might learn something once in a while.

the curve at which the brain is used from beginning to end is dependent on the paths you choose and paths you are put into (or pushed into). Because we don't get to learn new stuff we get bored to death. The so called 'you use 2% of your brain' becomes 'i just use my brain to know what i do everyday in the most efficiently lazy way'

hide behind those shades

first you want to be famous make it big > you are the average joe

second you want to go from star to superstar > you do all the flashy stuff to make your photos stick on every building and gully there is

3rd you like the fame but oh my the paparazzi is not leaving you alone

4th you buy new DocleGabana 6inch by 6 inch glasses to hide your face

5th oh you wish you could just enter the grocery store like an average joe and buy 1 litre milk - the only way to do this is to unglamourize yourself